Advance and Secure (AAS) / A&S ProMode mission with FFAA?

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Advance and Secure (AAS) / A&S ProMode mission with FFAA?

Notapor kju » 30 Abr 2010 16:54

gday :barbas:

for those who do not know AAS. It is a very popular PvP mode for ArmA II.
More information here:

I do consider to make a FFAA version of A&S ProMode.
Is anyone willing to help define the equipment of the classes and the vehicle replacements?

A&S ProMode features over 100 missions by now; it can be played PvP with or without
AI support or vs AI.

Sample definition the equipment of the classes:

Código: Seleccionar todo
//-------------------------- Heavy Gunner -------------------------------

//allowed west weps
//allowed east weps
// extra mags west
// extra weps west
// extra mags east
// extra weps east

Vehicle replacement table:

Código: Seleccionar todo
   case "T72_CDF":         {"HEXA_Leclerc"};
   case "M1A1":         {"HEXA_Leclerc"};
   case "M1A2_TUSK_MG":      {"HEXA_Leclerc"};
//   case "UH1Y":         {"HEXA_Tiger_HAD_CE"};
   case "AH1Z":         {"HEXA_Tiger_HAD_CE"};
   case "AH64D":         {"HEXA_Tiger_HAD_CE"};
   case "AH64D_Sidewinders":   {"HEXA_Tiger_HAD_CE"};
   case "Mi24_Base_CDF":      {"HEXA_Tiger_HAD_CE"};
   case "Mi17_CDF":      {"HEXA_Puma_CE"};
   case "Mi17_Civilian":      {"HEXA_Puma_CE"};
   case "MH60S":         {"HEXA_Puma_CE"};
   case "A10":         {"HEXA_Mirage_D_GBU12"};
   case "AV8B2":         {"HEXA_Mirage_D_GBU12"};
   case "AV8B":         {"HEXA_Mirage_D_GBU12"};
   case "F35B":         {"HEXA_Mirage_D_AS30L"};
   case "C130J":         {"HEXA_Transall_A"};
   case "RHIB":         {"HEXA_Hurricane"};
   case "RHIB2Turret":      {"HEXA_Hurricane"};

If you are interested to help out, please contact me. :m60:
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